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We only go by "Sparky's Electric". We are the ONLY "Sparky's Electric" in Riverside County. Please be aware of any imposters "claiming" to be connected to "Sparky's Electric".

We offer the follwoing services and many many more


                   New Construction & Remodels                                   Temp Power

                   Machine Controls                                                     Troubleshooting

                   Motor Controls                                                        Preventive Maintenance

                   Inside/Outside Wiring                                              Service Upgrades

                   Inside/Outside Lighting                                            Circuit and Fault Location

                   Pool/Spa Controls, Motors, Lighting                            Thermal Imaging

                   Network/Communication (Cable Install)                       Lighting Retrofits

                   Power Recording & Conditioning                                 Parking Lot Lighting & Retrofits

                   Machine Maintenance (Electrical & Mechanical)             Ceiling Fan Installs

                   Secuirty Camera Cabling                                           High and Low Voltage

                   Whole House Fans (See Quiet Cool Tab)                              Attic Fans (See Quiet Cool Tab)



If you need something, not listed, please call, chances are good that we can fix it



All services are offered for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Customers.

Sparky's Electric


Commercial, Industrial & Residental


We Answer to the Highest Authority

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