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Sparky’s Electric offers a wide variety of energy solutions from whole house fans to Occupancy Sensors.


Here are some things you can do to reduce your electric bill in your home/office/warehouse….


DID YOU KNOW……….. By retrofitting your office (T-Bar Fixtures) or home (kitchen/garage strip lights) from T-12′s to T-8′s you will use at least 50% less engery. If you are in an office, your lights run roughly 8 – 12 hours a day and maybe more, that could be a potential HUGE savings. If you are like most people who have gatherings, everyone gathers in your kitchen, and these lights are on for long periods of time. The savings of roughly 50% sounds nice.   


Whole house fans, Attic fans, and Ceiling fans (See tab "QuietCool" under the Services tab).

Ceiling fans can keep your house/office cooler in the summer. Whole house fans are like a HUGE exhaust fan in your home or warehouse that sucks the hot air out while pulling in the cooler air. Attic fans help remove the hot air that is stored in the attic area. Each one of these is a BIG help in the Hot Summer Sun.


Did you know by changing old incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs you could save and average of 2/3 the power while getting better lighting?


With the rate Technology changes ….. It no wonder that there is an even better product out there than the Fluorscent Lighting. Technology has produced LED Lighting. Fluorescent or incandescent recessed lighting can be changed to LED recessed lighting. This change will result in a massive energy usage savings. They use about 1/2 of the power of fluorescent light, and about 1/6 of the power of incandescent light.


Do you have kids that always leave lights on? Try an Occupancy Sensor in their bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms. When they enter the room, the light comes on, after a few minutes of them leaving, it turns off.
This is not only for kids…these are very useful all over houses, warehouses, offices, etc. Anywhere lights will need to be turned on and off.


You may not see HUGE savings on each electric bill, but you will see SOME savings. If you are like the average american these days, every dollar counts. Why not give us a call and discuss which item(s) will benifit you the most. The price of any of these items will be made back in a short amount of time in energy savings.


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